A Day In The Life Of A Social Worker

Not many people understand what social workers do as most of their work is done in the background. It is not until you may work along side one or need a social worker that you appreciate the job they do. What social workers do massively impacts of those in society that need support the most.


Social workers all get trained at University degree level. Whilst at uni they carry out various placements to gain a well rounded prospect of what the job entails. You can then decide to work in the public sector in your local council or government or you can decide to work privately for an independent firm. You can also decide to work in the voluntary sector for a charity such as a children’s family or homelessness charity.

Working With Children & Families

One of the biggest area in Social Work, especially within the UK, is to help support and protect children. Depending on the case depends on the type of care needed. Social workers are there to serve the most vulnerable children and families who can help provide support on how to run a stable and nurturing family home. If alternative arrangements cannot be made, maybe the mother is an addict or the father is abusive – social workers will arrange for the children to be placed in a stable, safe home whether that is with another family member or foster care.


Social workers can work alongside occupational therapists in providing the support to the elderly who are struggling to be independent.

Addiction Recovery

Many parents as well as children can suffer from drugs and alcohol addiction. Along with rehab recovery social workers can work with the individual and either creating better opportunities at home, in school or in the workplace. If it is a parent that suffers from substance abuse the social worker may have to remove the child from the home, however if the child has an addiction that social worker may need to look at issues within the family to ensure the child is living in a nurturing, safe and stable environment.