JSWEC 2007 Conference Themes

Research and development of professional learning

  1. The process and effectiveness of social work learning
  2. Learning to teach – supporting new educators
  3. Interprofessional learning and practice
    1. Bridging learning settings
    2. Employer engagement
  4. Developing reflective practice
  5. Learning beyond registration
  6. Research confidence and capacity building
    1. The place of research skills in postqualifying and doctoral programmes
    2. Emerging models of doctoral research, including lessons from the international social work community

Research and development of policy and practice

  1. Types and quality of knowledge in social work
  2. Directions in user-led social work research and evaluation
  3. Corss-cultural social work research; indigenous and global
  4. Evidence based practice, systematic reviews and making us of research
  5. How to build local and national capacity in social work research
  6. Ethics and governance in policy and pratice research
  7. Research on technology and social work policy and practice

Making a difference through innovation, creativity and passion

  1. Working with complexity and uncertainty – changing landscapes, changing roles
  2. Creative curricula design
  3. The role of technology within learning
  4. New directions in qualitative and quantitative applications to social work research
  5. Using evaluation research to foster creative practice
  6. Passionate debates and controversies in social work research – what can we learn from service users, policy makers and the universities?
  7. Reflective and reflexive – examples of creative inquiry
  8. Knowledge and technology transfer – opportunities for social work