Improve Your Automotive Knowledge- Garage Workbench

Garage Workbench

When it comes to motoring , many of us fail to pay adequate due care and attention to our beloved cars. Whether that be by lack of time, money , or motivation all of these factors can lead to a car with rust ,sill damage , engine problems and even the dreaded scrapheap. However one way in which you can avoid this issue is by firstly acquiring a Garage Workbench.
A Garage workbench is one of the first stepping stones to getting back into looking after your car and they can be acquired from LLM Handling.

Garage Workbench

You And Your Car

Having a Garage Workbench can greatly improve the organisation and storage space within your garage which can help motivate you to work on your car in your spare time. Looking after your car is a rewarding process as hours of energy and time that goes into the maintenance and look of the car can be visible to others when you are out driving it and overall improves the life of the car. However unfortunately in this day and age with all the distractions of social media , politics , work and other day to day factors we often fail to pay enough attention to our vehicles. This means cars that have been bought new have in some cases been on the road only ten to eleven years and are already gathering rust due to lack of maintenance. In order to improve your time spent working on your car one suggestion is to plan time out in schedule to do work on the car whether that be just general checks or changing a part.

Garage Workbench

Maintenance Tips

There are hundreds of ways you can improve the performance , look and overall feel of your car. Here are a few suggestions we can give to help you enjoy motoring more-

  • Wash and polish your car. People often neglect washing their car often. This can lead to salt and dirt buildup on the paintwork and the sills of the car. In a climate such as the UK this sort of stuff is everywhere and failure to remove it leads to rapid rusting and peeling of paintwork. We would recommend washing your car at least once a month and if possible also polishing after with a car wax to help retain the shine and protect the paintwork.
  • Check your tyre pressure and tread at least every second week or every week if you drive long distances regularly to ensure that your car has safe tyres and that they are inflated. If not get a portable air compressor and fill them up in your garage to save a trip to a service station.
  • Check the condition of your Alloy wheels if you have those equipped to your car. Alloy wheels in good condition improve the overall look of a car and are worth a fair amount when sold separately in good condition . Clean Alloys at least once a month alloy wheel cleaner and get rid of any brake dust build up. Additionally if your alloys are cracked or rusted inquire about alloy refurbishment. This is often cheaper than buying new alloys
  • Check engine oil level every week to ensure its adequately topped up.
  • Buy a diagnostics device. These can be bought for as little as fifty pounds and can plug into the OBD port to read error codes. This saves having to spend up to fifty pounds at a dealership or garage for diagnostics. It will also assist you in learning more about your car and fixing it.
Garage Workbench

The Garage Workbench

In your garage you can store a variety of different equipment. Here are just a few items we would suggest putting on your Garage Workbench.

  • Axle jacks and stands are essential bits of kits for getting under your car safely
  • Mechanics gloves are important to protect your hands from oil and sludge as well as moving parts and heat
  • A selection of car cleaners and cloths can also be stored on your Garage Workbench so that they are easy to access and use when needed
  • A tool case can also be stored on your Garage Workbench with all essential tools to help you change out parts.