How Creative Arts Is Benefiting The Social Work Industry

Social Work is an area which encompasses an enormous number of different areas and can be complex at the best of times. Through our research over several years we have established that there is a clear link between creative arts and the Social work industry which have both positive and negative impacts on Social Work as a whole. Though this article we will explain the wider implications of the Creative Arts industry and the benefits it can have.

Challenges Social Work Faces

Social Work

The Social Work profession as a whole faces a number of complex and difficult to deal with challenges from day to day. Here are just some of these issues:

  • Poverty- Poverty is an issue that has been around for centuries and has a range of different factors contributing to it. Poverty can be linked to higher crime rates and gang violence and can be reduced by community incentives and more activities/courses being made available to the communities affected.
  • Crime- Crime can be a result of childhood trauma and being exposed to violence or crime at young age. Studies have shown that despite longer sentences and more police numbers crime rates have still begun to climb

What Are Creative Arts?

Creative Arts is a group of different forms of art whether that be traditional art , performing arts , writing , film making and painting. Creative arts haven’t always been accessible in schools and often have only accessible to those with more wealthy backgrounds. However in recent years a number of schools across the country as well as community centres have introduced Creative Arts to more kids and adults.

How Can People Benefit From Creative Arts

Creative Arts can bring a number of different benefits to people who get involved in it. Acting and Art are very popular creative Art forms and can lead to a career path as well as an active and engaging hobby. One of the main advantages and hallmarks of creative Arts is that they can provide a outlet for adults and kids alike to express themselves without the pressures of society and expectations. These forms of Art encourage creativity and imagination and due to the nature of the industry people are rarely judged and often encouraged to share their work and experiences with others.

So how can this benefit wider society? society has people from all ages and backgrounds and unfortunately many people can struggle with holding down a job , financial problems and also social issues such as isolation or depression. Studies have shown that Creative Arts can provide an escape from everyday life and give people new found motivation to pursue something they enjoy doing. An example of Art being used in wider society is Art in prisons. Many prisoners use Art as a form of expression and Artwork by prisoners in some cases has been sold for thousands of pounds.

Overall Conclusions

Overall it can be concluded that the Social Work industry faces a wide range of issues that are complex and constantly changing. However when can be observed is that Social Work Has been positively influenced by Creative Arts as it provides opportunities for character building as well as an outlet for expression.