Dairy Intolerance: When To Get Tested

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Having a bad experience after licking ice cream or having a sip of your favorite smoothie is something that hurts. But most people don’t even know that it could be a medical condition due to the dysfunctionality of their gut.

Yes! If you have to go to the loo repeatedly after consuming any natural dairy or processed dairy product, you may be suffering from a medical condition called dairy intolerance.

The question that pops into everyone’s mind is how can they confirm it if they suffer from this disease? Of course, the best way is to go for a dairy intolerance test!

Are you ambiguous about when you should contact the diagnostic centre and provide your sample for the dairy intolerance test? This post will answer all the questions about getting yourself tested for this disease.

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What is Dairy intolerance?

For those who don’t have a medical background, dairy intolerance is a medical condition related to the person’s gut. In this disease, the person cannot digest lactose, a sugar commonly found in dairy items like milk, cream, yogurt, and bread.

The onset of this disease is because of the lack of an enzyme known as lactase. Lactase is responsible for the metabolism of the disaccharide sugar.

Glucose is taken up in the bloodstream for the proper functioning of the body. The breakdown of lactose and absorption of glucose takes place in the small intestine.

 But in the case of dairy intolerant persons, lactose passes through the small intestine in intact form and enters the large intestine. The large intestine is the residence of several gut bacteria. Those bacteria use lactose for their metabolic pathways and production of energy.

As a result of their metabolic pathway, different gasses produce as a by-product, including carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Why am I suffering from this disease?

A common question comes to everyone’s mind when he finds out that he is suffering from a health disorder. But there is nothing to worry about in case of dairy intolerance as it doesn’t cause any serious health concerns.

There are two possible reasons for dairy intolerance in a person, which are as follows:

Lack of Lactase Genes:

Lactase is an enzyme, and all enzymes are protein in nature. The information of different proteins is present in the form of genes in a person’s DNA. Therefore, there are chances that a dairy intolerant person lacks genes lactase enzyme. Due to this, his body fails to synthesize lactase enzymes. Or there is another condition where the body is synthesizing lactase enzyme, but due to mutation, the enzyme is non-functional.

Gut Disease:

In the case of celiac disease, the villi get damaged and cannot absorb lactose; that’s why it gets passed through the small intestine. Sometimes, the digestive system ceases its proper functioning due to recent viral or bacterial infections.

When you Have to go for a test:

If you feel that you have any of the symptoms mentioned below, then you need to go for a dairy intolerance test without wasting a single moment;

·         Diarrhea

·         Tummy ache

·         Intestinal Gas

·         Foul-smelling of feces

·         Bloating

All in a Nutshell:

Although the symptoms resemble any other gut disease, there is only one way to get yourself tested. A dairy intolerance test is a quick way to determine whether you are daily intolerant or have any other disease.