How Dentists in Glasgow City Centre Can Spot Dental Neglect in Children

Visiting dentists in Glasgow city centre isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do, with many adults only going to the dentist when they have a problem with their teeth and require emergency dental treatment. Many won’t even go for any follow-up appointments to help restore their teeth to optimum hygiene.

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How to Maintain Good Oral Health in Children

The signs of dental neglect should not be taken lightly; it could be an incident that has happened in isolation or it could be a sign of further neglect. The focus on this issue surrounds helping the family, rather than playing the blame game.

Children need the following in order to maintain good oral health;

Fluoride – Fluoride is found in most tubes of toothpaste, to be used twice daily.

Diet – sugary snacks and drinks should be limited

Oral hygiene – facilities, supervision and assistance should be offered to the child if they require

Dental visits – dentists in Glasgow city centre should be visited at least twice a year for a check-up and preventative treatment if required

Impact That Poor Oral Health Has in Children

Assessing a child’s dental disease is not just about fixing the oral issue. Severe and untreated dental disease can cause;

  • Toothache
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Difficulty eating or changes in food preferences
  • Absence from school and an interference with play and socialisation

This may put the child at risk of;

  • Being picked on because of poor dental appearance
  • Needing repeated antibiotics
  • Repeated exposure to the morbidity associated with general anaesthetic
  • Sever acute infection which can cause life-threatening systemic illness

Studies have also suggested that untreated cavities in pre-school children can lead to lower body-weight, stunted or delayed growth and lower quality of life.

Signs That Should Show Concern Surrounding Dental Neglect

If dental issues have been pointed out to parents, the right treatment has been offered and the parent still doesn’t get the treatment for the child, dentists in Glasgow city centre can take action. There is a particular cause for concern if;

  • Dental disease that is severe and is left untreated – especially if it is obvious to a non-dental professional
  • Dental disease resulting in a significant impact on the child
  • Parents or carers that have access to treatment up fail to obtain in, this may be indicated by;
  • Irregular attendance and repeated missed appointments
  • Failure to complete treatment plan
  • Returning in pain at repeated intervals
  • Requiring repeated general anaesthesia for dental extractions

What Dentists in Glasgow City Centre Can Do

If dentists in Glasgow city centre suspect dental neglect in children and have already spoken to the parents and offered treatment, then the first port of call should be to discuss it with the named practice safeguarding lead. The matter of significant harm should be the main factor to consider in most cases. So ask yourself, is the condition likely to cause;

  • Physical suffering
  • Development issues
  • Psychological issues