How To Get A Job In Social Work

Being a social worker is an extremely rewarding job – difficult at times but rewarding. It gives you the opportunity to help and support families. Social workers job role varies but it mainly aims to improve the lives of parents, young people, families and individuals as well as protect the disadavntaged.


  • Good listener
  • Setting boundaries
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative minded
  • Building relationships and good communicator- interpersonal
  • Organisation
  • Resilience


In order to qualify as a Social Worker you will need a degree or postgraduate degree that specialises in social work. In Scotland you will need grades ABBB at Higher level due to the competition.

Work Experience


A great way to get work experience in any field, especially in Social Work, is to volunteer. Here are some ideas:

  • Child Services- sports clubs, holidays clubs, Camp America
  • Victim Services – soup kitchens, food banks, homeless shelters, health charities, woman’s charities
  • Charities such as Barnardo’s and Oxfam

Paid Work

Paid work is extremely important to show your skills in leadership, managing difficult situations, decision making skills, pressurised working conditions and working in a team or large group of people. Having a job at a school or care home or even in your local council is great for you CV

The Princes Trust

The Princes Trust have a 70-day programme that is offered to students undertaking a degree in Social Work. The placement allows students experience with groups aged 16-25 supporting those with issues relating to education, abuse, housing, finance and wellbeing – both physical and emotional.